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The sound of the Embergher Mandoliola (alto-mandolin):

New CD released!

                                                                                 Zwolle, April 10th, 2007

Dear visitor,

With great pleasure I like to announce to you the release of a new and very special CD with music for solo mandolin performed by the young Dutch mandolinist Sebastiaan de Grebber.

The CD, titled 'Fantasia Romantica' is a recording with a variety of music, containing works by Georg Ph. Telemann (Fantasia IX), Johann S. Bach (Sonata I, BWV 1001), Raffaele Calace (Preludio I and V), Silvio Ranieri (Canto d'Estate), Giuseppe Pettine (Fantasia Romantica) and Nicolo Paganini (Caprice No. 24). Besides these compositions two first recordings are included on this CD; the wonderful Diferencias "sobre Morenica" for solo mandolin by Victor Kioulaphides and The Gray Wolf, a virtuos eight and a half minutes work by John Craton that was written for and dedicated to Sebastaan de Grebber.

Sebastiaan de Grebber plays a Luigi Embergher concert mandolin model N. 5bis made in 1927 and a 5bis Embergher concert mandolin made by Pasquale Pecoraro in 1956. 

The CD will be available from around the 16th of April 2007. The web presentation with more information and samples of the recorded tracks, as well as a contact/etc. form can be found on this special internet web page:

'Fantasia Romantica' - music for solo mandolin

I hope you will enjoy this outstanding CD as much as I do.

Best regards,

Alex Timmerman


                                                                                Zwolle, August 15th, 2007

I thought it would be interesting to read the review (3/2007 - August Issue) Sebastiaan de Grebber received for his solo mandolin CD 'Fantasia Romantica' in the German mandolin magazine 'CONCERTINO'.

'CONCERTINO' is the magazine of the BDZ (Bundes Deutscher Zupfmusiker) and of the European Guitar and Mandolin Association. For mandolin and guitar enthousiasts a magazine highly recomended! 

Alex Timmerman


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